Do the Griffins get lost in space??

Spoilers Below

Chris is having trouble at school and the ‘rents are worried about his future. and Chris hears all about it after eavesdropping. Brian recommends sending Chris to a camp and he opts to go to space camp!  The camp is a little depressing though, as the instructor is constantly throw his own personal shit into the teachings, like his band or his broken marriage plus the kids are mean. After a while Chris calls up Lois to come back home as does Peter of whom wants to come home from the gym for the same reasons.  When the Griffins go to pick him up, Chris decides to show his family around in the space shuttle when all of a sudden Stewie causes the shuttle to blast off(somehow with out ANY astronaut gear).

Once in space, we learn the ship is on autopilot with BRIAN WILLIAMS !!!! After dumping Meg (but somehow returns), mission control calls in to tell the Griffins that the autopilot can send them back home BUT noisy interference interrupts the command center which leaves the Griffins…LOST…..IN…..SPACE!!!!!(BOOM!) Thankfully, Chris’ quick thinking gets the Griffins on a course back to Earth, but the ship is spinning out of control almost like a bullet heading towards Earth. But, due to Chris’ space training he is able to save the ship from crashing and as such is able to convince his parents that he isn’t all the way stupid.

Cutaway Gags

Nathaniel Hawthorne, Cat Doctor, Griffins plaques, Fortune cookie, Peter in Europe, Canadian Horror Story, Nazi camp, Best Parents Ever, Peter at camp, Italian exaggeration, Guys Wives, Tokyo Industries, Cougar Chick, Funny Waiter, Stolen House, Marital Aid

Wanna know when Seth MacFarlane isn’t in the writing room for the cutaway gags?? When you go through an ENTIRE episode without ONE 80s reference (Monty Python is 70s, just in case if you try and count that). This is a good thing, as we are starting to see the cutaway gags be more plentiful, varied, and still heart-wrenchingly funny. John Viener nails another awesome role, this time as the astronaut instructor, and Peter throws out SO many awesome one-liners that it would literally take me all week to list them all right here, you should just watch it yourself. The other thing I noticed is that Family Guy is starting to grow some hair on its balls by moving away from the typical making fun of 80s pop TV, to this week taking stabs at Bob’s Burgers and fans of Breaking Bad, both of which are shows that are talked about all the friggin’ time the latter of which I am unsure as to why.  I think we are starting to see some new ingredients being thrown in the batch of funny mix that is Family Guy, so other shows might wanna watch out!


(9.0 out of 10)


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