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Brian’s gotta new play in town and its getting rave reviews and press from everyone in Quahog. Feeling inspired, both Stewie and Peter decide to give it a try with Stewie’s turning out to be really, really good and Peter’s going over like a fart. Jasper convinces Brian to tell Stewie that play sucks so this way Brian does’t look like an amateur in his own writing. Brian’s feedback goes over with Stewie OK, but he’s obviously disappointed because he had huge aspirations for its success. Later that night, Brian sneaks into Stewie’s room, steals his script, and buries it in the back yard.  Unfortunately for Brian, Stewie finds it and then calls him out over his own play, of which Brian realizes its true. To get back at him, Stewie actually gets his play optioned for production on Broadway, and even takes Brian’s leading man! Thankfully, the guys bury the hatchet and they go to NYC where they meet a bunch of established playwrights that Brian hopes will help him get noticed.  Unbenknownst to Brian, all the playwrights have seen his play and none of them even liked it. Worse yet, Stewie did a rewrite for his own play and everyone in the city hated it, but Brian thinks Stewie wanted it that way.

Cutaway Gags

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This week’s episode of Family Guy had a rather shoddy plot that rather felt bland and pointless. I mean, who wants to watch an episode about two battling playwrights?? Seriously, this one stunk, and if I were to see this steaming pile on Broadway I would ask for my money back. Even the halfway decent cutaways couldn’t save this one.

thumbs down

(6.0 out of 10)

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