Review: Family Guy “Peter’s Sister”

(NOTE: Those expecting to see a review for “A Shot in the Dark” read this)

Spoilers Below

It’s Thanksgiving, and Peter’s long-lost sister Karen wants to come over and spend the holidays with her bro. Peter’s not a fan, but the rest of the family seem to be pumped, so she comes on in and farts RIGHT in Peter’s face.

Yep, we come to find out that Karen is a lady wrestler and for all of Peter’s life she’s been torturing her brother like crazy and not much has changed which would explain why Peter didn’t want her here in the first place. Meg feels for her dad, and convinces Peter to do something about it. Peters answer? Become a lady wrestler and defeat her sister.

After his pals help in getting Peter ready, he heads to the local arena and challenges Karen once and for all. The match is actually pretty close, but just as it looks as if Karen’s gonna get another win, Meg comes in with the run-in and the steel chair for the victory. We find out that Karen dies after Peter refuses to donate blood to help save her.


Monster’s Energy, Guy Friends, Tickling Uncle,  Back to the Future alternate ending, The Cosby Show, Karen cuts a wrestling promo, Superman on a date, Peter goes home, Tim Burton ruins everything, Meg clip show, Ali, Getting cut from baseball team, Chico’s Monkey Farm

Our Take

Kate McKinnon (Karen) is one of the few people on Earth that could probably go toe-to-toe with Seth MacFarlane in terms of pure voice talent, so it’s only natural that she’s the sister and although it’s unlikely Karen ever comes back, I hope Kate does a LOT. Moreover, Karen was great, and now is officially important, because for the rest of Family Guy’s run we now have something to point to in coming up with a reason for Meg being Meg. I doubt this will stop anything, but at least we’ll know why.

You know who else came back? The Cleveland Show gang! Yep, Rallo, Junior, and the rest were all here this week for a cameo, and although nobody said anything, it’s a step in the right direction. There was even a scene with Rallo and Stewie in it, and I yelled at the TV, “JUST FUCKING SAY SOMETHING, RALLO!” Nothing was said, but it was still good to see those guys again.

As for cutaways, there were QUITE a few good ones. The Cosby Show HIT, and HIT hard, and fortunately even with a show like Family Guy where the production causes topical jokes to take longer to get out, it’s still relevant. Tim Burton, Monster’s Energy, and Superman were all also hilarious, and quite honestly, I don’t think there was a down gag from the bunch.

But, I think the biggest news was the inclusion of The Cleveland Show characters. This series could use some good spice, and I think the Browns can deliver.




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