Review: Family Guy “Peter’s Lost Youth”

Let’s get ready for baseball season with Family Guy!

Spoilers Below

Peter and Lois head to a Red Sox event after Peter wins tickets leaving Meg in charge of everyone back at the house. Wade Boggs shows up and convinces Peter to let Lois play along with the guys in a fantasy baseball camp (not online fantasy baseball, but instead a camp at Fenway for fans of the Red Sox).

It doesn’t take long before Lois is accepted a bit more than Peter in terms of popularity due to her play and snarky sense of humor. Peter gets jealous and decides to take his aggression out on Lois by diving into 2nd base cleats-first which causes his wife to take a tumble and break a leg. Peter’s sent home, but Lois convinces Peter to stay at the baseball camp to play a big game where he goes 1-1 at the plate due to the 3rd baseman having some sort of stroke. Peter rounds the bases and his dreams come true.

Meanwhile, Meg’s babysitting of everyone else is going fine with the exception of Stewie who is having a little rebellious period which leads him to run away. Meg and the boys look all day, but eventually find Stewie safe and sound back at home just in time to bring him to Boston to watch Peter in the fantasy baseball game.

Cutaway Gags

Carousel, Big Watermelon, Tuning a Guitar Live, Pueblo lifestyle, Stewie in The Revenant”, Sports Center, Subway, Ted Williams’ head in jail, Peter’s body

Our Take

First thing’s first, I don’t know if it was intentional, but to hear Carrie Fisher’s voice again the same weekend as her memorial service was a fitting tribute to the legendary actress.

In other news, this week’s episode of Family Guy was very so-so. For starters, Meg babysitting wasn’t all that great and was rather disappointed we couldn’t see Stewie’s viewpoint of where he was during his brief absence. I actually think that bit could’ve been stretched out and turned into an entire episode if done properly, but was instead standard “B” flat.

The meat and potatoes of the episode was definitely Peter vs Lois, which has happened a bunch before and really we got the standard tropes here, “Peter’s does something wrong and learns a valuable lesson” type stuff, dotted with some decent cutaway gags. The Subway gag was by far the most lethal of the jokes, however, I think most of the “head in a jar” jokes done by Ted Williams have been done far better in Futurama. 


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