Review: Family Guy “Gronkowsbees”

This took long enough.

Spoilers Below

This week’s new Family Guy episode, “Gronkowsbees”, was surprisingly good. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much, as I’m not a huge fan of football, but I think the writers did a really good job this week delivering a really solid episode.

The story begins when Ron Gronkowski (a tight end for the New England Patriots) moves in right behind Peter and his family. My first thought was that this is the plot of so many other episodes of Family Guy, Simpsons, King of the Hill— let’s call it the “celebrity moves in next door” premise.
So if course, at first, Peter and his friends are excited to have a star athlete nearby, for the partying. But when they realize he’s loud and obnoxious all the time (and as he says himself, he’s insane) they quickly tire of the novelty of Gronkowski.
Meanwhile, the second story is how Stewie invites Brian to his tea party (with real tea) and Brian loves the honey in the tea. Stewie tells Brian he tends bees, and he makes the honey himself. Brian suggests sells jars of honey at the farmers market, and the honey turns out to be really popular. To beef up the honey production, Stew gives the bees steroids– which really doesn’t turn out well in the end.
Cleveland, Peter, Quagmire and Joe finally confront Gronkowski, and there’s a pretty crazy fight where he beats on them for quite a while. Right when you think everything is going to end in a disastrous way, the two stories merge in a very cool fashion- and the roided up bees are BEYOND hilarious. Laugh out loud funny.
I wasn’t really expecting to like “Gronkowsbees”, and it took until the end for everything to come together properly, but I think this episode was a great success. There were also some really funny bits at the beginning, some really great cutaways, and nothing that was too stupid or annoying. This has been a pretty good season of Family Guy so far, and as always, I’m excited to see what happens next week.

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