Only Meg could get diabetes from becoming an internet celebrity.



Peter convinces the family to attend Streaming-Con 2019, where an internet star makes Meg an internet sensation.  To help her continue her success, Peter decides to help her.  As sponsorships from junk food companies begin to come in, Meg develops type 2 diabetes.  Continuing her pursuit for fame, Meg loses her feet and is given her own ceremony at the school.  At the last minute, Meg sees the mistakes of promoting unhealthy eating and spreads her message, instantly costing her notoriety.

Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie get in a car crash.  While Brian’s car is in the shop getting repaired, they are given a Hummer to get around.  Brian regretfully gains an affliction for his new lifestyle as a “Hummer guy”.  When Brian has a difficult time returning the vehicle, Stewie helps out by causing more damage to Brian’s car and buys him a couple of more days.


Our Take:

Is it just me or is this a really Meg heavy season?  First, she competed in the Olympics as a biathlete, then she becomes pals with Melania Trump, and now she is an internet sensation?  What the hell is going on here?  We are definitely no longer in the days where Meg is nothing more than a punching bag, and she has been highlighted more this year than Chris.  There was even an episode this year where Stewie learns to appreciate his big sister and even tries to make her cool.  It seems like Meg might finally be catching a break in the writer’s room.  But, for the sake of the show, I hope it isn’t true, and they go back to tearing her apart next year.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves and say that Meg is a decent character or anything, it’s not like her internet show was any good or anything.  Going by refrigerator Meg (because of the shape of her body) she spends her time just eating junk food.  Though it would be great to see somebody on YouTube suddenly be struck with explosive diarrhea, the rest of her show would not be worth watching.

On the other hand, I think the entire world would be following Peter’s Instagram.  This episode featured him subtly begging for attention in a hospital bed, being kidnapped, having his arm cut off with a chainsaw, and him making a life-sized replica of himself in Han Solo pose frozen in ice cream and chocolate syrup.  Now that is internet content.  Considering the many other adventure Peter gets himself into, I think he would be one of the top internet faces is fictional characters were in fact real.

There were a lot of funny moments in this episode, but at the same time, there was some dead space.  Brian getting himself a Hummer was a pretty dull side story that did not offer a lot to the overall show.  I miss when the writers worked hard to make sure that the two plots would have some sort of interconnection at some point.  But, even when Brian picked Meg up in the Hummer to get her to a hospital, there weren’t any jokes to go along with it.  This would have been a much better episode if everyone in the family had been making attempts at social media fame, and we could have watched each of their unique videos.

Jesse Bereta

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