Review: Family Guy ‘Total Recall’

 Spoilers Below

Peter gets really sick which leads to a bunch of deep-voiced sex much to the delight of Lois. Eventually, Peter’s sickness subsides and Lois gets pissed because the deep voice is gone.  As a result, Peter opts to try and get sick so he can get the sex again so he visits the dentist but that doesn’t work and neither does dressing up as a woman. What does work?? Licking Lindsay Lohan’s used dessert spoon! Peter gets sick and is sent to the hospital, so Lois has to go and bowl for Peter in his bowling league with Joe and Quagmire. Turns out, Lois is a pretty good bowler, much to the delight of Quagmire who yells at the opposing team and kicks a kid’s birthday cake. We also learn that Lois is great at being one of the guys as she’s able to talk about which woman she’d rather have sex with and is able to attend a baseball game with the best of them. Peter gets healthy, but Quagmire and Joe still like hanging out with Lois, heck even Horace the bartender likes her insults better than Peter’s. You can tell Peter isn’t thrilled with Lois taking his place as Joe and Quagmire’s friend and he asks her to stop.  Eventually, Peter makes his way back to the bar table, but Lois is there too and she tells funnier stories than Peter which causes him to freak out and leaves in distress. Lois and Peter talk it out and Lois agrees to stop hanging out with Peter’s friends.

Meanwhile, Stewie’s ‘Rupert ‘ is being recalled after we hear that the detachable eyes can pose a health scare for kids. After Lois sends him back, Stewie interrupts Brian’s porn-watching and asks him to take the little guy to the factory to get Rupert back.  Eventually, Stewie and Brian arrive to the factory to find that there are like a million Ruperts and he can’t seem to find HIS Rupert. Later, the infirmary starts up which causes Stewie to swing into action and save his Rupert before the toy bear burns.  But, before he can get off the conveyor belt, Brian has to jam the machine in order to save Stewie and his new love interest. Rupert and Stewie get home but the bear’s eye pops out and chokes Stewie.

Cutaway Gags

Deep Voice Contest, Carly Simon, P-Diddy, Regular Bullets,  Where’s Waldo, Gay Shakespeare, Stewie getting chicks, Lois Sports Chatter, Sniper, Making Friends, Giraffes.  Rocky Dennis

I was beginning to get a little worried that the title of the episode would ruin the entire film as I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the Colin Farrell piece of shit Total Recall put out last year. Thankfully, this week’s episode turned out to be one of the better episodes of the season. The fact that this entire episode was set off by Peter licking Lohan’s spoon is probably the grossest thing this staff has ever written and for that Kristin Long deserves a paid for cup of coffee when she shows up to work on Monday over at Seth HQ. There were SO MANY funny moments this week, like the ‘Where in the World War II is Waldo?’ and the Doctor coming in yelling out “If one more person asks about a patient today, I’m gonna scream!” The Stewie plot was well-written but I’ll be God damned if I didn’t think that last scene was partly inspired by Toy Story 3.  All in all this week’s episode of Family Guy should be recalled on your TiVo to watch over and over because its uproariously funny.

9 out of 10

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