Review: Family Guy ‘Save the Clam’


Spoilers Below

While playing at a town soft ball game, Horace the bartender gets beamed in the head by a stuck baseball  hit by a guy named Jerome and he dies instantly. Later at the funeral, everyone fondly remembers the town hero but Meg opts to leave and he runs into an undertaker of whom offers her a job. The guys find out that Horace was upside-down on the bar loan to the bank and as a result the Clam is set to be closed down. With no places to drink, Peter and the guys break into the Clam and get shit-faced. Eventually, a whole bunch of bulldozers come by and threaten to tear the bar down but Peter doesn’t want to go down without a fight. The news gets wind of it which causes Joe to leave and Lois to get on the Bullhorn to try and get her husband out of there. Joe returns, this time dressed as a cop and brandishing a pistol but Jerome shows up just in time to tell everyone that he bought the Clam. That said, now that a black guy owns the bar, this means more black guys will be around.

Meg seems to be good at her job, and Chris is kinda jealous. However, one of the bodies goes missing and Meg blames Chris to which he comes clean and agrees to get it back. They can’t find said body so Chris opts to stand-in as the dead guy.  Unfortunately, Chris is also on the organ donor list!


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Its very rare when Family Guy introduces an element as serious as this that probably changes future episodes so for that reason this one should be watched. I mean, Horace is really gone! That’s serious shit!! And to be replaced by Jerome I think is a rather unexpected but very welcome addition. That said, Horace had great jokes and he will be missed. In any case. this week’s episode had me cracking up quite a bit, with notable cut-away’s like Joanie Loves Chris Brown and maybe the Mannings being really, really good. I also loved Peter’s line reminiscing a bunch of Homer Simpson plot points from over the years as it continues the friendly jabs at the whole ‘Simpsons did it Joke’ that the writers of South Park introduced so long ago. That said, the same can’t be said for the Meg plot as I felt it was kind of loosely put together with no real ideas to really let it stand out save for the climax near the end.  Thankfully, the Clam saves this episode and moreover, gives us one that we now have to remember. 

8 out of 10

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