Review: Family Guy “Roads to Vegas “

Spoilers Below

Thankfully its Gay Pride Day in Quahog and the Griffins are in attendance and Brian wins a trip to Vegas to see Celine Dion! Brian decides to bring Stewie along and the little guy couldn’t be happier.After Peter gives back the scissors, Stewie figures fuck flying to Vegas, why not teleport there!  Or does it?? Ever see The Prestige?? So instead of being teleported to Vegas, clones of Stewie and Brian end up in Vegas instead.  Regular Brian and Stewie head to the airport while the teleported clones are enjoying the thrills of Vegas.  It gets better as teleported Stewie and Brian show up to the hotel and even win at an early jackpot.  Eventually, the regular Brian and Stewie show up but everything goes shitty for them as they can’t check in and Brian can’t score a win.  When they finally do get a hotel its run down as shit and very quickly run out of money.

When regular Brian and Stewie try to attend the Dion, the teleported alter egos have already taken their seats. As a result Brian and Stewie decide to get home but Stewie gambled away the plane tickets. To try and get money, they decide to gamble on a basketball game with loan sharks to make money so they can get back, but they lose. Fortunately, they switch bags with the teleported Brian and Stewie by accident and Voila! A bunch of money!! The loan shark heads to the hotel room of the teleported Brian and Stewie and he demands money but not before shooting Stewie in the head. Regular Brian and Stewie think that they have a cross hair on their backs and they decide to take their own lives but only Brian jumps.

Back at the bus station, teleported Brian and regular Stewie run into each other and just like that Stewie figures it all out.  They get on the bus and head back to Quahog. Meanwhile, dead Brian and Stewie meet up on the line to heaven.

Cutaway Gags

Parents, Touch Tips, Extra Day of Summer, Franklin and Bash, Goldman’s Cousin, Smoke Machines, Stewie Hosted the Oscars, Squirrel Suit, Peter’s Poker Face, Brian’s Plastic Surgery, Daughter’s Virginity, Loan Shark, Brian’s Personal Business, Peter is Sowwy, Stewie’s Funeral

The Brian and Stewie episodes have been the Treehouse of Horror for Family Guy for almost the show’s entire run. That said, this season’s didn’t give me the WOW factor that other B&S episodes do. I mean, everyone who follows this show still talks about ‘Back to the Multiverse’ or ‘Road to the North Pole” because both featured outstanding writing, dialogue, and in the latter’s case Ron MacFarlane’s brash story-telling. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this episode gave us that and as a matter of fact used a plot device that has kinda been used before. I mean, Brian and Stewie have been cloned before a bunch of times in prior episodes with Evil Stewie being a popular character and of course in ‘Quagmire’s Baby’ when we got bitch Brian and Stewie so the concept works. This one threw a curve ball in the aforementioned Prestige way (seriously almost the same idea), but the cutaway gags were really keeping this one afloat. From Brian’s Plastic Surgery to Peter’s Sowwie the writers had a lot of fun. Unfortunately when we normally remember the Brian and Stewie episodes, it isn’t because of the cutaways.

 7 out of 10


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