Review: Family Guy ‘No Country Club for Old Men’

Spoilers Below

Stewie finds his old harmonic in the couch but he leaves it in the bubble bath. Unfortunately, Peter takes a bath and the harmonica gets shoved up his ass.  Peter and Lois go to the doctor’s and at first they are worried but due to the cost of the surgery they aren’t able to do anything about it. Soon, Peter starts to like the harmonica in the butt, so much so that he decides to join up American’s Got Talent.  Unfortunately, despite a strong start the harmonica gets crapped out on stage. On the plane ride back Chris meets a girl named Amanda Barrington.  Amanda takes a liking to Chris right away which is good because as it turns out the Barringtons are like the richest family in Quahog.

The Griffins get invited over to a country club for brunch with the Barringtons and even Lois’ father wants everything to do with it.  We learn that Carter really wants to be in the Barrington circle but the parents don’t seem interested and they soon kick his ass out of the club and replaces his membership with Peter’s.   Eventually, Peter tries to convince Mr. Barrington to invite Carter back in but instead he gets himself kicked out. As a result, Chris isn’t allowed to hang out with Amanda. To try and get back at the Barringtons, Peter decides to make Carter look even fancier than Mr. B by having the both of them dress up as a Duke Lacrosse Team As expected, Peter gets their covers blown but after Carter harasses him Mr. B invites him back to the country club, but Peter gets kicked out again to go home and give Lois a haircut.

Cutaway Gags

Armenian Neighbors, Ancestor in the Attic, Painting kids faces, Chris’ small talk, Gossiping Peter, Sugar Smacks Frog, Prank Calls, Buckle Hat, Cat Nip, Game of Thrones on BET, Religious Groups, Angry Little Boy, Nude Clementine, Backward Knees Birds, University of Arizona

Normally, when we get a finale for Family Guy we get something a bit more special. For instance, last season we had the Viewer Mail #2 teamed up with the ‘Internal Affairs’ episodes, the latter of which was started off with a bad ass chicken fight. The season before that we had the Laugh It Up, Fuzzball conclusion. But, this season we got a pretty standard episode of Family Guy. Not that there is anything wrong with that, and as a matter of fact I think this episode was probably a little better than the ‘Roads to Vegas’ deal, but I guess after years of getting spoiled in finales I was expecting more like what the Simpsons did tonight and completely throw out the book and finish with a bang. That said, this was a very funny episode that featured some hilarious cutaway gags like Chris’ small talk, Sugar Smacks Frog, and maybe THE cutaway gag of the season with the Prank Calls bit.  We also got a pretty interesting plot, right? I mean who would have thought that there were people in Quahog that were just as much smug assholes as Carter? Unfortunately, I had a little trouble following Mr. Barrington’s character in that he was introduced as a pretty sweet guy, but as time went on we find that he was pretty much the same as Carter in terms of personality Also, it seems as if Peter finding a girl was kind of thrown away which didn’t make me feel any remorse when he was told he could no longer see Amanda. If they had maybe setup Chris and Amanda similar to how they did Meg in the ‘Amish Family’ I might have cared more, but alas we never got that. That said, the whole first act was pretty friggin’ hysterical and I honestly thought we were on to solid gold. That happens a lot in Family Guy, we get shown a perfect set of titties, but when you take off the pants we find a penis.

All in all, a decent episode of Family Guy, but after having been following every episode this season I was hoping for a more grand finale. Check out next week as we look into this further for the Season Review.

7.5 out of 10

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