Review: Family Guy “Carter and Tricia”

This odd couple delivers.

Spoilers Below

This week’s new Family Guy, “Carter and Tricia” was a real treat. I think it probably became my favorite episode of this season, and maybe one of my favorites of all Family Guy. I think one of the reasons it was so great is that it was a standard, well-written episode without gimmicks, guest stars, or anything else– aside from two really solid stories. And they were two of the best kinds of stories. Brian and Stewie pair up, AND Peter and Carter hijinks! All in one episode!

“Carter and Tricia” starts off with Carter Pewterschmidt becoming the new owner of the Pawtucket Patriot brewing company (where Peter works). He starts to implement terrible and hilarious changes just to torment Peter. So, to retaliate, Peter concocts a plan to get back at Carter. Peter goes to talk to Tricia Takanawa, to try and get her to do an exposé of one of Carter’s horrible ideas to cut costs at the brewery.
Meanwhile, Joe pulls Brian over when driving, and Brian’s license is suspended. Brian needs to take drivers’ ed, taught by none other than Stewie (a baby teaching a dog to drive a car is insanely hilarious). Plus, Stewie’s little driver’s ed instructor outfit is awesome, and the drivers warning film Stewie makes to scare Brian (which has characters all played by Stewie) is so great.
Carter ends up falling in love with Tricia (remember his thing for Asian women?), and Lois’ mom ends up going to the crazy house as a result. And of course, in true Peter fashion, he gets all into having an Asian “tiger mom”. Super weird, and super funny. The cutaways in this episode were all pretty good, too.
The ending of this episode was fantastic– an amazing twist that you may or may not have seen coming. Everything at the end is resolved– well, sort of. Of course, the Griffin family makes light of Lois’ mom being in the nuthouse, since she’s often such an inconsequential character, and the show’s continuity is all over the place. An excellent episode of Family Guy this week!

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