Review: Family Guy “Bri, Robot”

When there are robot clones involved things get… disturbing…


Brian is celebrating his birthday, but he is struggling with the reminder that he has not built a legacy to leave behind.  Stewie decides to help him in scribing his autobiography.  Though, he surprises the dog by building a clone robot instead of a book.  In a strange turn of events, Brian ends up falling for himself and begins a relationship with his robot clone.  Just as much as Brian is infatuated with his character, he also has lots about himself that drives him crazy.

Meanwhile, Quagmire has become addicted to massages, which leads Peter to wanting to become a professional masseuse.  However, when the cops raid the parlour he works at he finds out that he has been working at a brothel.  It is up to Quagmire and Peter to blackmail Joe so that he drops the charges and the massage parlour can open again.

Our Take:

Well, this was an episode!  There is a lot going on here that is out there and also extremely uncomfortable.  So, instead of my usual intro, I’m getting right into things here.

Is Lois having an affair?

I know right?  It seems pretty bold, but bear with me here.  There is a mini shot in this episode where Peter is following Quagmire on the street, and behind him, Lois is seen dodging back into a restaurant with another guy.  Sure, this could be a momentary joke that the show is known for.  On the other hand, this subtle little moment could be a set-up for things to come later in the season.  It’s not unheard of, and it is a possibility.  Either way, I hope it’s not true, and it is a terrible joke.  I mean, I just wrote a whole review for The Simpsons talking about what a wonderful couple Marge and Homer are.  I have the same expectations for Peter and Lois.

This episode did offer us one of the most strangest scenes on television that I have witnessed in a long time.  When Brian’s robot becomes more adept at being a great assistant, Brian begins to make out with his robot clone.  And, I mean, they really go at it.  It’s a full-on make-out session, and it’s as uncomfortable as you would expect.  To make it weirder, they cut to an add for raisins?  It was a bit confusing, but it turns out that things got a lot heavier off-screen.

The whole plot is so out there.  It is one thing to fall in love with a robot, it is an entirely other thing to fall in love with a robot version of yourself.  Even as I say that though I wonder if this concept is that far out there?  If we had clones of ourselves, would it be natural to have feelings for yourself?  I mean, you would get each other in a way no one else ever could.  Wait.  What the hell am I talking about?  Man, this episode messed me up.

Aside from this extremely confusing plot between Brian and Robo-Brian, this episode also threw down on another taboo topic.  Massage parlours that offer sexual favours kind of turn my stomach.  The idea of a brothel is one thing, but I have heard way too many terrible things about these massage parlours for me to believe that it is okay.  So, why does this episode seem to support them as an idea?  Joe came in and did the right thing by shutting it down, but the rest of the gang fought for it to be reopened.  And, by the end, Joe is convinced to drop the charges.  This just doesn’t sit right, for a whole other bag of worms than a dog making love to a robot version of himself.

Well, I can say one thing, Family Guy is definitely getting back on track with this episode.  Pushing the boundaries is what makes this show so great.  So, a story that has me this confused is probably a good thing, right?  Considering how tame a lot of this season has been, this one is much more on par with what I hope for and expect.

Jesse Bereta

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