Review: Fairly OddParents “Cat ‘n Mouse”;”Nuts and Dangerous”

The last new Fairly OddParents for a while.

Spoilers Below

“Cat ‘n Mouse”

Catman is here and he’s driving Timmy up a wall. Chloe comes by and decides to help out both a depressed Catman and an annoyed Timmy by helping Catman prove that he is, in fact, a superhero to his girlfriend Wonder Gal. The first attempt sees Chloe and Timmy dress up as supervillains to try and get Catman to save his lady, but the two fail miserably.

Catman comes across Wanda’s wand and makes a wish to be a real superhero. Included in the latest daring escapade is a battle with a “Mouse Man” who has captured Timmy, Wonder Gal, and Don and tied them up. Catman shows up and beats the shit out of Mouse Man. Catman saves the day, is sent back to normal, and gets his lady friend back.


“Nuts and Dangerous”

Timmy’s dad wants to be a movie producer and it just so happens that Dimmsdale is having a film festival in a few weeks and Chloe really wants to be the star of the show. Problem is, we have no script or crew or anything else to help make a movie with the exception of Cosmo and Wanda deciding to don disguises and be voice coaches. Catman shows up with a script called “Nuts and Dangerous”.

Timmy’s dad takes on the script and both Catman and “Nuts” (aka Timmy dressed up as a squirrel script) are taking part in the film with Chloe taking the part as Catgirl. We come to find out that Catman’s script has about as much clout as a Transformers film and Timmy gets chased around town by squirrel hunters as part of the movie chase scene.

The movie is completed and the movie is submitted to the film festival and its nothing like what we were filming and instead is an apology film from Timmy’s dad. The squirrel hunters show up again and Catman’s inspired to produce another film.

Our Take

So a DOUBLE Catman episode? Say it ain’t so! Yep, and both episodes were pretty fun this week as a result. The better of the two was “Cat ‘n Mouse” because it was sort of like getting an alternate universe Catman that more or less put aside a normal Fairly OddParents episode in favor of something a bit different. “Nuts and Dangerous” was more or less just Timmy’s dad doing more stupid shit, which is funny for a bit but usually has a shelf life of five or so minutes with me. Still though, the first episode was unique enough to make for a decent half-hour.


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