Review: Dream Corp LLC “Where Are They Now?” ; “Clone Disposal”



This week’s episodes of Dream Corp LLC couldn’t be more different, but because of the gooey center that is Jon Gries as Dr. Roberts, they both work in their silly ways. Yes, I understand that a magazine photo shoot is a common trope, but I dare you to not look at his facial with a hair treatment and not misconstrue the maniacal doctor as that of Jennifer Aniston.

The bigger story is the series’ increasing reliance on sci-fi horror elements which is quickly becoming my favorite aspect of the series. T.E.R.R.Y. trying to kill himself (only to be saved and set on rice to dry off) is a stroke of genius, moreover when you think about the almost Ultron/J.A.R.V.I.S. trip we take into the bot’s psyche that may not be as flashy as his Marvel cousins, but just as thought-provoking.

The real winner this week is killing Patient 88 in “Clone Disposal”, a concept that may be just as jaw dropping as anything the series has done(how many clones, if any, do we have?). Personally, when 88 goes under,  Nick Rutherford’s child-like sensibilities really shine through and accentuate every rotoscoped scene he is in. It was that way on the premiere, and continues to be every time he becomes part of Roberts’ alternate world. If Dr. Roberts is the soul of Dream Corp LLC, Patient 88 is most certainly the heart, and that shows quite a bit in “Clone Disposal”.

As per usual, Randy and Ahmed take turns in getting their comedic licks in every episode, but in different ways. While Mark Proksch’s take on “Randy” is a bit more ostentatious, you really have to look for the comedy nuggets that Ahmed lays which are plenty, but require a little more attention to detail to really get his quirkiness.

I feel like we have a The Prestige like moment coming with “Randay”, so check back in next week for the season three finale review!

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