Review: Dream Corp LLC “Guys and Dads”

Just a couple of guys being dudes.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Our patient this week has a problem with kleptomania, which Dr. Roberts quickly pins down as coming from his relationship problems with his estranged father. With that figured out, there’s only one thing to do, give the patient and his dad a joint dream therapy session to work on their communication skills.

Meanwhile, Randy enjoys some delicious meat pops and the team tries to offer some helpful advice to the patient’s father to teach him how to connect with his teenager. Soon, the two of them are jacked in, and Dr. Roberts has them do a song and dance to try and express themselves better. It has middling results until a wayward dream train almost brings the therapy to a disastrous end. But, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Roberts team, the dream is saved. The two patients wake up, traumatized from their dream therapy and find a new bond with each other, a bond of fear. Without delay, the two unite as father and son and get the hell out of there.

Our Take:

Its kleptomania and meat pops this week on Dream Corp LLC, the show that continues to astound, amaze and terrify with startling efficiency and grace. This episode offers exciting new insights into meat delivery systems along with a lovely little tale of adolescence and father-son bonding. That’s right, folks, this week delivers on not just one, but two patients visiting “Dream Corp” to fix their collective issues. Double the episode for the same low, low run-time eleven minutes, fourteen seconds. All witticisms aside, its a great episode, even by normal Dream Corp standards. The joint therapy sessions is an excellent way to keep things from becoming too formulaic, and the background protein gags keep the chuckles coming at a swell rate.

Things go in the way of the musical this time around, offering more than just your standard dream sequence, but familial bonding through the treasured medium of song and dance. The dream sequence is a lot less trippy than usual and a lot more fun, with a hearty helping of cheese. What’s not to love? But even more than that, I was impressed with the fluid intensity of the oncoming train scene, which added an element of danger to the dream that we don’t usually get The sequence this time around demonstrates Dr. Roberts empathetic brilliance like none other, and lets face it, Dr. Roberts isn’t exactly scientifically brilliant most of the time.

What stuck out for me as being the most enjoyable was the hilarious juxtaposition between what’s happening in the dream and what’s going on in real life. The patients dream all they want that they’re singing and dancing, but in reality, they’re puking all over themselves waving their arms and legs with bedraggled grunts every now and again. There’s a reason the good doctor has his patients wear aprons.

There’s nothing like an episode with a good moral, and the moral here is, of course, don’t be bad at connecting with your son or your child will become a goth wannabee obsessed with petty theft. Dr. Roberts and his team of professional dream therapists have done it again, reminding us that if you don’t want to endure the psychedelic trauma of meat-pop fueled wackos, you better get along with your estranged offspring. Great episode as always, Dream Corp LLC. You’ve done well.


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