Review: Doc McStuffins “Into the Hundred Acre Wood”

The Disney Jr. series continues to teach important lessons about the legitimacy and importance of modern medicine.

Courtesy: Disney

Spoilers Below

When Winnie the Pooh comes blowing in with a bunch of balloons, it’s up to Doc McStuffins and the gang to get him down. Thanks to Rhonda, and the help of some friends we meet in the Hundred Acre Wood, they do just that, but Pooh gets a scratch on the way down that needs medical attention which causes him to miss the honey festival. Fortunately, the local toy residents are here to help fix all that and give a good assist on getting Pooh bear his “hunny”.

Our Take

Aside from the music, this special airing of Doc McStuffins does a swell job of educating kids about hospital visits and making sure they are aware that being healthy and happy is way more important than missing events. Fans of Winnie the Pooh will get a kick out of seeing a bunch of the familiar residents of Hundred Acre Wood coming along for the ride.



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