Review: Clarence “Chadsgiving”

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Overview (Spoilers Below)

Chad tries to organize a Thanksgiving dinner to which Clarence invites a bunch of random people to but his parents forgot to cook anything, so there’s nothing to eat for dinner. Chad gets upset, saves Kevin’s life, and eventually comes to grips that the turkey and mashed potatoes that he was dreaming of is just simply not gonna be there this time around. Instead, he learns that just being with family and friends is really the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Our Take

This week’s episode is almost too cliched for me and instead, I’d recommend you just stick to watching “A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving” instead. Kevin was pretty funny, as was Clarence messing around with the Emu, but I was really pulling for Chad’s parents to cook one of the Emu as part of the supper which would’ve totally livened up the episode, but it was not to be.


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