Review: Clarence “A Nightmare on Aberdale Street: Balance’s Revenge”

This has been done before, but it’s still funny.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Clarence gets a jack-o-lantern that allows him to get inside the minds of Chad, Ryan, and Mary and takes part in their dreams. But, when he learns that some of the guys are having full-blown nightmares, they disappear when Clarence wakes up which is just plain creepy. We learn that Balance is behind this all so he decides to fall asleep so that he can rescue everyone. When Clarence goes to sleep, he runs into Jeremy who teaches him how to control his dreams.

One montage later and Clarence has to do battle with Balance once and for all. With Jeremy’s help, Clarence is able to put up a good fight but is captured in the belly jail. With his new found powers, Clarence and his pals get out and give Balance a group hug that causes him to melt. Everyone wakes up and is back to normal.

Our Take

Pretty sweet episode. Crazy dream episodes aren’t uncommon in cartoons and I’m not quite sure this one was really a Halloween episode because the plot could’ve been put into a standard variety Rick and Morty or South Park episode and it would’ve felt right at home (because both shows, in fact, have done the Freddy Krueger send-up). But the execution was still solid, with silly humor, and Clarence whom reminds me so much of a young Homer Simpson that I’m not sure how this show doesn’t get sued for likeness.  Spencer Rothbell  is a very underrated voice actor as he’s the guy who has to wear a bunch of hats on this show in order for it to sit afloat and he should be proud that he’s done just that for nearly three seasons.


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