Review: Camp Camp “Cameron Campbell Can’t Handle the Truth Serum”


Overview (Spoilers Below)

Cameron’s parole officers are coming to Camp Campbell to assess his behavior, so naturally, his plan is to lie his way out of punishment — or further time at Camp Campbell (which, to him, is the same thing.) He stress drinks Neil’s truth serum, mistaking it for a shot, and can no longer lie about anything. With the promise of Cameron possibly getting a chance to leave the camp for good if he proves his good behavior, the campers enthusiastically help him prove himself a changed man. However, with every test and question the campers throw at him (such as, “are you a good person?”), Cameron can’t resist detailing just how horrible of an individual he truly is on the inside.

The time finally comes for Cameron’s evaluation. Neil makes an antidote just in time, but all it does is make Cameron word vomit. The parole officers appraise Cameron by interviewing the counselors and kids first, who all vouch for his new demeanor. When they finally ask him if he has engaged in any illegal activities during his time at Camp Campbell, Cameron has an unforeseen change of heart about lying. He explains that while he hasn’t progressed much, he wants to change. This causes his Camp Campbell sentence to be reduced, but not over. As soon as the officers leave, he starts scheming once again.

Our Take

Traditionally, episodes 11 and 12 of every Camp Camp season usually build-up to some grand plot point that leaves the viewer reminded of why they loved the series in the first place. Where last season left off, it was plain to see that most fans were wondering where on earth the show could go from where they finished it. The entire arc of Camp Campbell being shut down, alongside having the characters face off with Cameron Campbell — who found just enough good in his heart to want to do something good for a change — seemed like some endgame stuff. So, with Cameron getting shackled to the camp for community service time, where did we end up with his development?

With him finding just enough good in his heart to want to do something good for a change. Again.

It’s regretful that there were so many funny bits in this episode (such as Cameron’s mock interview with the kids) because for an 11th episode? This episode was almost a total waste of time. Did they purposefully lock Cameron out of too much season involvement just so they could rehash the same plot point? There’s little to no shock value whatsoever in Cameron lying about changing, because that’s basically what he did from last season’s finale to now. There was no development.

There was also a lot of bait-and-switch in this episode — with jokes and plot. It really seemed like the setup was going to lead to Cameron’s confession about Jasper, but they dodged it again. Which, in all honesty, is a good thing, because it would be way more impactful to have David slowly find out on his own accord. Also, the venus flytrap bit with Nikki was one of the funniest jokes of the show (now THAT’S a bait-and-switch.)

Some lines were a little more non-PC than usual, which is a dodgy move coming from a show that still needs to cover its ass for making a Hitler character. In any case, we’re either going to have our expectations completely subverted next episode, or it’s going to be more filler until the final episode.

Consider us ready for the change.

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