Overview (Recap Of Animated Sketches)

Dicktown “The Mystery of the Mumbling Rapper”

This week, we learn that John’s having relationship issues with his dad who is the town’s biggest rap mogul. On their way to a music video shoot, we start to unravel a potential investment scheme that is actually working wonders for John’s dad who is making money hand over fist over the young artist’s Youtube page. Some of that money is going to the detectives to try and help find all of the missing ocelots and we learn that we actually have a spy in our midst.



Psychotown “Bomb”

The boys come across a nuclear warhead and there’s a debate as to whether or not to set it off. After that’s settled, the debate doesn’t revolve around “if” the warhead should go off, but rather, where the bomb should be set off. The decision comes to pass when we accidentally set the rocket off on it’s way to Moscow. It doesn’t take long before the end of the world takes hold leaving us in a post-apocalyptic Australia.



Other Sketches

An Imagined Conversation “Kanye West & Stephen Hawking, Zap, Interstitials

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An Imagined Conversation

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