Review: Brogan: Master of Castles “Pilot”

Grab your swords! We go to WAR!!

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Brogan is actually Prince Evan, a chauvinistic knight due to marry a girl that he’s not exactly thrilled with but is tasked with a curse that forces it or he won’t be able to turn on his He-Man powers and battles bad guys. This comes to a head when a bunch of bad guys attempts to break into the castle that Evan and his lady live in which causes Brogan to go nuts and decimate all in his path.

Our Take

Brogan’s a character that’s not going to look all that dissimilar to what you’ve seen before. Zorn, He-Man, to some extent Lion-O, the one caveat being that he’s got a Shazam-like complex where he turns into a much smaller man. Most of the other characters are rather derivative, but extreme silly violence is a great equalizer. If the show was nothing but nonsensical dialogue with gratuitous violence is A-ok with me. There’s a decent underlying premise here revolving around a couple that doesn’t look like they’re in this for love but rather out of necessity. It’s an interesting play here that I hope delve in deeper as it might be the “hook” that keeps dragging me through the course of the franchise.

John Schwarz

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