Review: Brogan: Master of Castles “House Warming”

Stay warm!

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Mildred is Queen Swallow’s sister and thinks she should be the rightful heir to the throne. So she sends a monster after the castle to try and kill both her and Brogan only for it to be decapitated and used as a sex cushion. Mildred swears she’s gonna send a bunch more monsters until the castle is hers and now Brogan’s got a throne made out of a severed dragon’s head.

Our Take

If it were me, I would’ve used a few episodes to really build up Mildred as an ally before revealing that she’s actually a villain. But I’m totally fine with decapitating monsters, however, am disappointed the producers didn’t go the Deep Space 69 route and get into the fornicating a little bit. The series is pulling punches that it doesn’t know it has which probably shows the inexperience from the producers. Similar to other series, Brogan is quite showing me enough value in being a series that should be on a streaming service. In other words, there’s nothing yet compelling me for a VRV/Mondo subscription. Violence I can get anywhere, this series is gonna need to bulk up in other areas.

John Schwarz

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