Review: Brogan: Master of Castles “Bear-ista the Ballista-bear”

We can’t bear it.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Queen Swallow asks Evan to renovate the castle along with his pal Gun-Nut so that next time Mildred comes with a dragon attack, these guys will be prepared. They also employ a walking talking grizzly bear named “Bear-ista” who is supposed to help but nothing really gets done and it turns into a bit of a scuffle instead.

Our Take

Nothing really happens this week. I was actually looking forward to getting some innate violence, but ended up with a lame “af” gag. The dialogue in this show is really challenging to get through at times, and the additional characters aren’t doing much for me and are being filed in my “cliche” folder. I’m hoping Brogan gets better before it gets worse real fast, VRV/Mondo needs a hit.

John Schwarz

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