The Belcher kids break with a long-standing Halloween tradition, veering away from their usual trick-or-treat trek in favor of a posh neighborhood that’s known for its oversize goodies. Meanwhile, Linda and Bob set out for Teddy’s annual “Black and Orange” blowout.


Spoilers Below

The kids want to go trick or treating alone for the first time leaving Bob and Linda to go to Teddy’s big Halloween party. Unfortunately, trick or treating isn’t what it once was and the town really isn’t in the spirit and they get no candy. To try and remedy the situation, the kids go to a rich town across river where the candy is supposed to be awesome and plentiful. Right away the kids meet up with two new kids Milo and Ned and they run off to the best street in the neighborhood. It doesn’t disappoint either as the kids get REAMED with candy bars but the new guys want to leave early. Why?? Apparently, the local teenagers like to ride bikes all around town causing mischief and shaving kids’ heads. The Belchers decide to  make a break for it for the ferry docks so they can get back home but Tina wants to stay behind and help Ned and Milo. Eventually, Louise grabs a local girl named Amanda’s phone and starts texting to the teen boys about a party leading them on a distraction long enough for the Belchers to make a save of their new friends. Louise ain’t done yet though and instead she texts the boys to go skinny dipping only to get caught! The kids run off but luckily the local kids bail them out and claim themselves the new ‘Helen Hunters!’

Its Teddy’s party and Bob’s the only one not dressed up so Ted makes him dress up as a fat guy. Tragedy strikes when Ted’s guinea pig Francis gets stepped on and as such the home owner threatens to keep everyone inside until he figures out who killed his pet. Right off the bat, Ted starts pointing fingers until Gretchen decides to act as a medium to find out who committed the crime. That is until Linda notices scratch marks and fur on Bob’s costume!! At the funeral, Bob comes clean but Ted spray painted his guinea pig which probably didn’t help.

After how many seasons we FINALLY get a halloween themed episode of Bobs Burgers. The guinea pig plot was really funny and almost reminded me of when Mr. Hat was taken in South Park, like with the same style of craziness that Ted showed. Also, Tim Meadows was great as the mail man and I hope we see him like a 100 more times. That said, I couldn’t help but think the kids’ plot was almost identical to the premier! I mean, we again had a scenario where the kids run into trouble with a bunch of teenagers on bikes but get back up when the going gets tough…weird!. I guess it would be one thing if the episodes weren’t simultaneous but jeez I almost felt like I was watching a rerun! Thankfully, we had Bob killing a guinea pig and that worked out really, really funny but unfortunately it couldn’t mask the formulaic main premise.

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