Review: Bob’s Burgers ‘Speakeasy Rider’

Speakeasy Rider

Spoiler Alert:

Bob’s Burgers found some luck with a Tina episode last week, and Sunday’s installment put Tina back in the driver’s seat for another lap and another attempt at victory.

Are these racing puns doing it for you?

In “Speakeasy Rider,” Tina, Gene, and Louise ran into a cool kid named Bryce (Joe Lo Truglio from Brooklyn Nine-Nine) at the go-kart track, and became interested in the sport. The kids refurbished a bumper car and began racing it, with Tina proving to be a surprisingly skilled driver, but Louise insisting on being behind the wheel. Tina then joined the Kingshead Island KIS Team, leaving Belcher Racing, and pissing off her younger sister. The two became rivals, and eventually competed against one another in the Kingshead Island Grand Prix. In the end, Tina resisted an opportunity to win, and instead helped Louise finish first. Also, Gene found a passion in flag-waving.

Meanwhile, Bob & Linda began selling Teddy’s home-brewed beer, Teddy’s Brew-Ski, in the restaurant. However, they had to do so illegally, as a sort of speakeasy, out of sight of the health inspectors.

In Case You Missed It:

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2) Burgers of the Day: Blue is the Warmest Cheese Burger, Three Beets to the Wind Burger, The Grand Brie Burger, and something in the last scene that was never clearly shown.

3) What exactly was Gene doing with his penis?

4) Louise called Tina a “Belcher-dict Arnold.”

5) I love any episode in which Bob yells.

6) Tina’s racing diss: “So long, Bryce. I cart-ly knew you.”

Oh Tina, you are truly Bob’s Burgers’ (and Bob Belcher’s) greatest creation. Yet, I find myself a bit conflicted. On one hand, this episode had a very entertaining storyline…

Wait. Wait a second. Doesn’t this seem familiar?

Not the story, or the episode, but the review. Oh, that’s right, I said the exact same thing in last week’s Bob’s Burgers review for “Midday Run.” To save myself (and the readers) from experiencing a déjà vu overload, I’ll keep this week’s write-up brief: it was a good story, and it had some good jokes, but they weren’t nearly big enough, and they didn’t come nearly frequent enough.

And what I ended with last week also applies to the conclusion of this review: “In the simplest reasoning, Tina Belcher made this episode successful, but the writing just wasn’t at the level that it could have been to make this a classic. Still, I deem this a quality showing.” However, this episode was just a tad less funny than “Midday Run,” and is scored just a tad lower.

Tina is everyone’s hero, but she can’t always save the day.

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