Overview (Spoilers Below):

Son attempts to patch things up with Regina after their disastrous date night. However, he has to do it by himself. So he asks Fletch to keep Blark out of his room.

Our Take:

After the bizarre experience that was the son-swapping scenario, the series is finally shifting its focus on resolving Son’s relationship problem. Throughout the episode, Son and Regina tried to fix their relationship without crapping themselves due to the root they ate. During that time, Fletch tries to prevent Blark from losing his patience for half an hour. Both of these segments have plenty of humorous moments that properly lead up to a satisfying, yet crazy, conclusion. What I appreciated the most out of today’s episode was how the writers managed to resolve the situation that started at the end of the date night scenario. I was a bit worried that they’re going to prolong the breakup for at least a couple more episodes. However, I was pleased to see that that wasn’t the case. In a span of ten minutes, the writers concluded this breakup simply and effectively while maintaining the show’s wackiness. I also did enjoy Blark going completely bonkers from all of that waiting, especially the part where he went Super Saiyan near the end. Note to self: Never play The Waiting Game with Blark.  

Today’s episode of Blark and Son made me happy for a couple of reasons. It was another entertaining episode that’s full of craziness and sincerity. More importantly, it managed to resolve the relationship between Son and Regina without prolonging the breakup even further. To me, that’s a good thing because these two belong together despite their messed-up personalities. Whatever strange scenario the next episode will bring to the table, I’m sure that Son and Regina will get through it together.


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