Review: Black Dynamite ‘Warriors Come Out or Mean Queens of Halloween’

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Title screen

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Black Dynamite gets bent out of shape when the orphans and Cream Corn aren’t back in time for curfew. The curfew is set in by Dynamite due to the fact that he’s worried kids could run into trannies walking the streets. When the kids return, Honeybee convinces Dynamite and the staff to go out for the evening leaving John Wayne Gacy to baby sit. The Whorephanage staff heads to a big gay party, but Black Dynamite is just a bit uneasy around gays and starts to panic.

The kids at the Whorephanage seem to like spending time with Mr. Gacy, despite the crazy clown’s best efforts to warn the kids that he’s a killer. Back at the party, Rip Taylor gets shot in the stomach, but we don’t know who the trigger man is. Unfortunately, Creamed Corn gets framed, and now the town is REALLY pissed. A mob fight ensues, but as Dynamite and his crew try to escape, we learn that our fearless leader is having issues with beating the shit out of transexuals, but thanks to Bullhorn shitting his pants they are able to make a break for it.

Gacy has had enough of these kids, but all of a sudden we get something like a black Home Alone as pranks and tricks keep the famed serial killer at bay. Dynamite’s warriors are looking to find crack, because Base Head knows who really killed Taylor but he needs to get high in order to remember.  Any gay NOT dressed as a girl gets the shit kicked out of them by Dynamite, on the other part of town, Corn, Bee, and Bullhorn make a break for the bus and head to a gay party. It doesn’t take long but their cover is blown and now they are back on the run or…bus. After beating the shit out of some baseball players, Base and Dynamite  continue their journey in finding cocaine.

The kids kick the SHIT out of Gacy, and all of the ‘Warriors’ are reunited. Base Head turns out to be a traitor and we learn J. Edgar Hoover was the person who killed Taylor. Black Dynamite learns that he really has no problem in destroying Trannies, so after catching a bullet with his TEETH he thrashes Hoover AND the reason why he fears trannies to begin with. Dynamite comes home to see Gacy all tied up

Some TV shows do a Halloween episode and typically what you see is parodies or plots all about trick-or-treating. Black Dynamite certainly has characters dressing up for ITS Halloween episode. Unfortunately, out of the gate, the dialogue got MUDDLED with censors, so it was difficult to really dig into the plot from the get-go. This all changed when Rip Taylor was killed THAT’S when business started to pick up. And pick up it did, because when Black Dynamite and crew DID fight it was out of control and really showed that the production team for this series is still on top of its game when it comes to fight scenes and can easily stand toe-to-toe with the best in anime. And while the dialogue for the adults was entertaining, it was arguably the kids that stole the show. John Dimaggio did an outstanding job playing ‘Gacy’, but it was the kids that had me rolling in laughter. As mentioned, think Home Alone mixed with a BDSM party, and you’ve got an idea of what’s in store. Also, I had no clues that these kids knew martial arts, but I suppose years of training by the best will do that for you. I guess I just never realized how far that they had come. The result? MORE KICK-ASS ACTION!

Black Dynamite’s second season may even be better than the first go-round.


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