“The New Nega-Globby”

Due to Globby feeling a psychic connection to his negative side, He and Honey Lemon feel guilty about trapping Nega-Globby in the Glop-Vac And plan to rehabilitate him through an unusual method which has some surprising results…


When Basemax opens a spam email at Fred’s Request, she gets infected with a Trojan virus leading to potentially dangerous consequences…

Our Take

The first episode introduces us to Globby (Andy Richter) who in a past episode had an evil copy made which they manage to somewhat give a stable civilized mind to. However, with too much intelligence comes hubris along with correcting people with the phrase “Well, actually…” along with idiot pet-peeves which almost becomes a major source of conflict that ends up being resolved in the most unusual way with a funny twist at the end.

The second episode goes as far as to parody the “Nigerian prince scam” e-mails I’m sure you’ve heard about, in combination with a real problem that affects e-mails as a whole, Trojan viruses. Fred’s impulsiveness becomes one of the major flaws that’s highlighted here. So much shit happens all because of one e-mail being opened that it’s downright suspenseful. 

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