“A Friendly Face”

Noodle Burger Boy’s posse attacks the city using Krei’s new automated vehicles.

“Big Chibi 6”

Hardlight crashes Karmi’s autograph session for her new chibi series with a mischievous surprise…

Our Take

Given the past episodes where Krei’s vehicles have had a hilariously awful track record, “A Friendly Face” starts off as being Alistair-focused but is more of a Honey Lemon episode as she learns that sometimes her own positivity can come back to bite her in the ass. In an effort to clean up Alistair’s past mistakes he Ironically has to design a new vehicle under Hiro & Honey Lemon’s advisement with a cute Bunny motif that seems modeled after Honey’s positive personality, but that’s until the story begins to actually pick up with When Noodle Burger Boy’s posse attempt to steal the bunny bus which forces Honey to confront any negative feelings he potentially has proved that in this particular situation that it’s sometimes good to be negative…

The latter episode, “Big Chibi 6” delves into some weird territory as Hardlight makes Chibi holographic versions of the Team themselves, which come across as destructive mischievous shits, I’m surprised Mini-Max isn’t even in this episode, but it did have a fun conclusion that leaves things open between Karmi and Hiro’s future.

Overall, both were decent, watchable, and funny episodes that were both well-paced and left me entertained. Hopefully, the story elements found within these two help progress the story and characters in future episodes.

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