Obligatory anime action sequence, ACTIVATE!
Obligatory anime action sequence, ACTIVATE!

Spoilers Below

Take the plot of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and insert Baboons instead of chimps and other types of apes, and you have a good idea of where we are setting-wise. Unfortunately, Axe Cop is nowhere to be found and Flute Cop is the city’s only hope at survival…uh oh.

Axe Cop eventually does show up with an army of bears that cause the baboons to shrink down to microbial sizes and invade the blood streams of every living person. Our only hope is for Axe and Flute to reach out to the Almighty Bear and have him destroy the baboons. We come to find out that this Almighty Bear is rather temperamental, so only a sacrifice of Flute Cop will do. Axe Cop hurls Flute into the bear’s mouth, and Flute Cop begins chewing the bear heart which turns it into a good guy. Flute Cop orders the Almighty Bear to turn all of his bear army the same size as the baboons and do battle. Problem is, the Almighty Baboon still needs to be dealt with. Flute and Axe head to the Secret President and are ordered to be turned small so as to head into the President’s blood stream and do battle with the Almighty Baboon and the Almighty Bear. Flute Cop turns even smaller and heads into the Almighty Baboon and turns him into a good guy. The baboons turned into good guys and cured diseases, and Axe Cop is elsewhere.

Our Take

I am astonished to just how much Axe Cop fits into 12 minutes. We had multiple lead ups to baboon and bear fighting and each time they got better and better. We’ve seen a lot of animated shows shrink down their lead characters, but none of them were to cause bear-baboon fights, so you’ve gotta hand it to the producers for spinning an old trope. The art direction for the different battles were as always, excellent, and the inside of the bodies seemed cavernous and scary, so dibs to the peeps doing the background designs this week. The Secret President would seem like an abnormal piece of the puzzle, but this is Axe Cop we’re talking about (and maybe a nod to Bearmageddeon). 



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