Review: Archer: Danger Island “Disheartening Situation”

Lucille in the Sky with Whiskey.


Pam, Lana, and Fuchs begin their slow descent onto the island, with Pam hastily trying to instruct them and Crackers providing snide commentary. The landing is pretty rough, but they survive. Fuchs’ does get a bit tied up, however, as a giant snake begins constricting him as he dangles from a tree, but Pam saves him…well, “save” is a strong word, as she shoots the tree branch, causing him to tumble down back first. The trek through is also not very fun, and soon they are surrounded by a swarm of Komodo Dragons, with Fuchs letting something slip about an “idol”.

Mallory finishes paying off Charlotte’s bail money, only to find her covered in a brown substance she is smearing all over the walls of her cell as flies buzz around her. Yes, that’s right, she ate Ray’s bonbons. What did you THINK it was, you sicko? But yeah, she’s not winning him over now. Mallory has a proposal though, namely in becoming a “courtesan”. Charlotte’s not too thrilled, but the only other option is going back in the chocolate-glazed prison. Yes, it is definitely chocolate, and you can’t convince me otherwise, dangit!

All of this while Archer tries and fails to calculate a workable landing strategy as his plane continues to burn fuel, and he burns through all his remaining alcohol and has an existential crisis about his fake war history. Which, given that this whole season, like the last, is apparently all in Archer’s mind, is very Archer. Eventually, he decides to land in the streets of the town, wrecking his plane and destroying the street. Upon learning Pam and the rest are out after dark, he steals Ray’s car and manages to save them. The next morning, Archer tries telling Pam about his misadventures in the air, prompting her to sock him in the face and proceed to lay a big ol fart on his unconscious face.


Like Archer in his now downed plane, this episode seems to have been flying in circles. As much as I am open to these gimmicky seasons (or at least more open than most fans), a clear downside is having to reintroduce these new characters who happen to share names, appearances, and personalities with ones we’ve known from previous seasons. However, even Dreamland had a clear plot driving objective that kept the pace brisk and consistent. As of the end of the first quarter, what are we going for here? Charlotte wants to get off the island but she’s getting roped into Mallory’s pimping, there MIGHT be something going on with Lana and Fuchs but that’s sure taking its sweet Fuchs-ing time, and by the end of the episode we’re right back where we started. At the very least, we can say that the “Danger” part of the title has now been justified, what with the vicious wildlife roaming the jungle, but we better hit a landing strip soon, or this season will crash and burn.


David Kaldor

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