This week’s installment of Aqua Teen was good.  Not great, not bad.  It was good.  What does a man mean when he says good? READ ON, MORTAL.

Well, let me be the first to tell you that despite the name, this episode doth not feature any Rabbot … MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY.  Sorry, it don’t.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me delve a lil’ bit into dat plot I know all y’all like-a do.

Without giving too too much away, this episode revolves around a magic mall fountain that can swap people’s bodies and brains when utilized in a very specific way.  Who does all this swappin’ and how and why?  Personally, I don’t like to give away all the delicious morsels of interest from an episode, so I’m not gonna get into plot specifics but – obviously at some point a rabbit is involved.  So there, now you know for sure.  You’re welcome.  Rabbit fans rejoice, your day has come.

All in all, therefore and so forth, it was a solid episode from start to finish.  I didn’t manage to muster up a chuckle this go round unfortunately, which kept this episode out of the upper rankings, but there was no part of it that bothered me either.


What did this episode do right? It featured the whole gang interacting with a pretty funny ‘guest’ [set] of characters.

What did this episode do wrong? It was a little too tame in all regards (besides a first little bit involving Carl .. I’ll let you enjoy that surprise).

That’s all from me folks, let the good times roll.  Enjoy the week bred’ren, I’ll catch you here next week.


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