Review: Animals “So You Think You Won’t Treason?”

We did.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

So You Think You Won’t Treason? is the name of a live reality game show where probably guilty offenders of government treason are put on display for public mockery and eventual execution. As a result of Mike and Phil trying to save the animals, these two knuckleheads are on the chopping block in front of a live audience. Fortunately, the Labcoats show up and save them, but not before a banana battle goes down that causes mass hysteria and at least two deaths (that we know of).

Our Take

Going into this week’s episode I was nothing but pissed off. After the debacle that was the “Humans” episode from last season, I was pissed we had to wait an extra week for the “Coachella” episode that was teased at the end of last week’s episode all for another live-action episode that was sure to be another shitshow, amiright?

Fortunately, I was sort of wrong. “So You Think You Won’t Treason” ends up being a way funnier effort than “Humans”, even if a lot of it, and I mean a lot of it, was a bit over the top. Toy weapons, bananas for guns, I’m not sure about all of that. But, god damn it, Mike and Phil are funny motherfuckers. I like Phil a lot, but Mike’s got boyish charm about him coupled with the camera constantly falling in love with his face made the episode that much more enjoyable. Kate Berlant was only ok, Neil Casey was better, but Mel Rodriguez stole the show from Demi Moore and it wasn’t even close.

All in all, a not terrible outing even I still prefer the animated series.


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