Review: Animals “Roachella”

Well, this was unexpected.


Overview (Spoilers Below)

The big show is finally here and a grand performance it was. High profile acts like Dinosaur Jr., Moby, and Donna Lewis made this festival nineties-riffic despite the fact the show is interrupted by a collection of Pro-Carrey activists pissed off about the recent verdict.    Just as the final act is about to give her send-off, the humans send a nuclear warhead that comes in contact with the orb thereby turning it into an animate object for 24 hours. Fortunately, it gets sent back to the humans right before Mike and Phil send a little “fuck you” via video conference.

Our Take

A nice finish for HBO’s lone animated series. Part of me has me thinking that the producers of Animals, Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano, may have put this together as a final bow possibly as a way to say goodbye if HBO decides to pull the plug. In any case, the finale was everything that you could’ve hoped for, even if the plot doesn’t quite jell near the end there. The musical acts were great, the music videos accompanying their performances were even better, and Steve Dildarian’s take as “Tim” probably stole the whole fucking thing. I could’ve done without the sidebar with the bunny and the turtle, and despite the title of the episode, don’t expect to see any roaches around. However, DO expect to see Mike and Phil making out yet again, this time twice in the same episode, which confirmed my earlier suspicions about a possible tryst between the two.

We’ll do a proper season wrap next week, but if Animals were to end on this note, I’d be ok with it. However, the thing about roaches, when you try to flush them they come crawling back up the bowl. Could Animals do the same?


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