While on a tropical vacation getaway with the family, Stan gets an assignment to kill the hotel’s activities director, who, according to the CIA, is an ex-war criminal. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jeff hope to put a spark in their relationship, while Roger’s latest persona, one Abigail Lemonparty, takes a shine to an elderly gent.


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The Smiths are going on vacation but everyone seems to have a buddy with the exception of Steve whom is stuck with Roger. Steve has promised to not work while on vacation but of course he takes a call from his boss who tells him of an outdoor activities director named Goran of whom now Smith has to kill.  First effort involves Stan brandishing a silenced pistol and trying to shoot the suspected war criminal, but instead he just takes out a few dolphins. Eventually, Stan leaves his wife pool side but also leaves his phone behind for Francine to figure out that he’s working and trust me she ain’t happy. Once she confronts Stan about it, Francine wants to take part in the killing because no matter what wants to spend time with her husband.  Francine takes up a game of tennis with Goran and beats the shit out of him with a tennis racket in lieu of Stan killing him because he is getting attacked by a suicidal lemming who takes a bullet for Francine when the assassination target gets a hold of Stan’s pistol.  The fight continues among a couple of hot air balloons where Francine gets shot but is saved by her hip hop necklace. Stan then moves in for the kill but fortunately, the groundskeeper is flying a hang glider and does it for them with a harpoon gun. With bloodied up clothes Stan and Francine decide to hang out at the nude beach.

Steve meets a new friend with a British accent who promises to take him to a beach to see full on vag. Later, the guys decide to jump a horse but Steve gets the crap kicked out of him and dragged through the forest. Once he is set free, Steve and the British kid come up to a cavern of which British kid suggests that Steve try and fly across with makeshift wings. Despite his reluctance, Steve does it because he is hypnotized by the kid’s accent but of course that leads to a Wile E. Coyote type fall into the depths. Eventually, Steve just climbs the other side but collapses due to injuries. To help, the British kid puts a bunch of bees slabbed on with mud on one of the cuts causing Steve an immense amount of pain both inside and out.  Thankfully, the guys make it to the nude beach to see nakedness but Steve just gets to see a bunch of naked family members.

Roger is trying out a new elderly persona named Abigail Lemonparty and meets a widowed older gentleman named Larry. Eventually, Larry asks Roger to go to a luau which is being held later that evening signaling the start of something that might be more than just friends but the old man finds a much younger woman and pretends he doesn’t even notice Abigail anymore and dresses up as George Hamilton and takes on Larry’s lady. Later, Abigail makes peace with her long lost love Omar as she spreads his ashes into the ocean.

Hayley and Jeff hope to put a spark in their relationship by engaging in vacation sex, but after only two years of marriage Hayley is as dry as sand. After toasting to a sexless marriage, they meet another couple who suggests that they swing, but instead Hayley wants to role play which doesn’t work either so they decide to find the couple and take them up on their offer. Unfortunately, it isn’t what they though as the dude wants to hook up with Jeff and the girl wants to munch out Hayley. That said, Hayley doesn’t go through with her end of the bargain but because the young couple just thought about being risky it helped rekindle their love life.

Good to see Stan and Francine put on a little True Lies in this week’s new episode, eh??  Not gonna lie it was kind of exciting to see Francine in on the action. Weirdly enough, we didn’t even get a name for the British kid so that just goes to show how much the writers cared about that story line, and who the fuck is Omar?? I felt NOTHING in the ending scene with the ashes being thrown in the water because we never heard a lick about that guy! The Hayley and Jeff story started out pretty funny, but ended dumb despite the comical take of Steve’s intrusion. Maybe, next time we can get one or two premises that make sense, and not a bunch of half-assed hootenanny that panders to the respected characters ‘ niches.


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