Review: American Dad “Wild Women Do”

The title doesn’t even make sense when you watch the whole episode.

(Overview Spoilers Below)

Stan’s got a prior engagement so he tasks with Jeff to take Francine out for a night on the town. Problem is, Stan’s got a bunch of rules for whoever’s taking his special lady out and he wants to make sure he is heard, so he puts them on an index card for Jeff to use them as reference. When Francine finds out, she goes nuts. One montage later and Jeff joins his date on going nuts as well which eventually leads to meeting up with Francine’s drug dealer who takes the duo to some crazy guy named Rick that nearly gets everyone killed. Roger shows up and helps the duo leave and soon returns home.

Meanwhile, Steve injures himself trying to pull off his lame Risky Business impression and is confined to Klaus’ bed where the talking fish plans to torture his subject with all of his terrible celebrity impressions. It takes six hours but Steve gets loose and is able to capture Klaus and actually force him to do additional celebrity voices until he can’t handle it anymore.

Our Take

It’s truly rare, and I mean like rare diamond rare, where I can sit through an entire half-hour of television and literally not mutter a single laugh. That’s what happened here on this week’s episode of American Dad. Both premises were so over-the-top cliche that I don’t even know where to start. Sure, let’s tag up Jeff and Francine for a night on the town, but really, it’s not that much different than most series that have crazy dates that go awry even with the slight twist with Rick getting his head blown off. The B plot with Steve and Klaus was even more unnerving. Dee Bradley Baker’s a fantastic voice actor, but the producers will have gone on and have written all of these celebrity impersonations that maybe he can do if he wasn’t already doing Klaus’ already-difficult-to-understand accent. Even your die-hard American Dad fans are going to have a tough time stomaching this largely uninspiring effort, for everyone else, it’s best to avoid it altogether.



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