Review: Alien News Desk “Princes of Mange” ; “The Ultimate Shape-Shifter Shaft”

He hadn’t touched a thing.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

On the final two episodes of Alien News Desk, we don’t really get any special guests and instead focus on a bunch of issues that the otherworldly race is concerned about before they let us go (probably for good). The alien anchors focus on the most serious of threats like what if animal mascots are actually kaiju or the latest boy band craze aka the candidates headed to the DNC in 2020. Technology trends are also important, whether it’s gene splicing and space forces or walk-in cryo chambers, the aliens pantomime our measley advances in Earthly science.

Last but not least, our hosts lambast our lack of entertainment variety. They focus on the fact that we are on yet another Spider-Man being featured in films and then a renewed focus on reboots in general. In fact, our news anchors tease the fact that Alien News Desk may be rebooted as well, which of course, given the state of the show is filled with irony.

Our Take

How do you keep an animated series entertaining with only TWO characters manning the entire show? I gotta tell ya, it’s tough to get through without a variety of animated shorts or special guests to help out, even with actors as talented as Will Forte and Heidi Gardner. Even actual news shows and networks like to spice shit up with special guests and such to help so the fact that we didn’t get really any of that in the show’s season finale week is a bit of a let down. We did get a short on each episode, and I guess the reboot bit helped a tad, but the show leaves a lot to be desired overall.

John Schwarz

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