Review: Alien News Desk “Cumbersome Dongles” ; “Bloated Acquisition Piles”


The lickety-split!

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week’s hour-long epic of Alien News Desk covers a variety of topics and features loads of commercials with important emphases on political jargon and pop culture trends. The first half of the episode focuses on the wall and the aliens’ interest in not only building walls between the United States and Mexico, but also borders with Canada, all oceanography, and even a roof to block out all of the birds. Chef Kulog drops by to shock the alien viewers about the fact that people on Earth prefer cooked food that is dead as opposed to alive food that is nowhere near cooked. In the second episode, we learn about the aliens’ fascination with our holidays like Easter and whenever a Star Wars movie releases thereby giving armchair quarterbacks everywhere the license to creatively edit one of the biggest franchises of all time. Just in time too, because the company that owns the aforementioned movie franchise, Disney, is being slighted for setting off a slew of mergers that will eventually see all of the companies just be a single entity.

Our Take

This may not be the last time we get two episodes to air at once on Syfy as the network burns off the remaining episodes of it’s first failed attempt at getting back into the adult animation game. Hell, I’ve seen more commercials for the Avengers marathons they’ve got going on than anything I’ve seen for Alien News Desk.

In any event, Alien News Desk helps off-set the monotony of an hour-long news desk with enough animated shorts and special guests to help stave off complete boredom. Xenu and the story on Scientology is probably one of the funnier takes I’ve seen on the faux religion this side of South Park. The show has no problem going right for the guttural on a slew of topics no matter how controversial. Star Wars guffaw on a network that’s trying to keep a geek audience that isn’t their’s, to begin with, is a risky bet, as is teasing conglomerates on a network owned by Comcast, one of the bigger ones, but that’s the point of a show like this…no prisoners.

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