Review: Alien News Desk “Corrupt, Bloviating Narcissists “


We have been corrupted.

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This week’s episode of Alien News Desk sees our hosts examine the complexities of student debt, human technology, and just what the hell we see in Broadway. We also get a quick infomercial about alien probing.

Our Take

The biggest takeaway from this week’s episode, just how many times we were able to get “fuck” into the broadcast. That’s right folks, basic cable is swinging for the fences and letting these guys not only drop some “F” bombs but also without any censorship whatsoever. It’s a brave move and not one that a lot of other cable animated series are willing to take without any *bleeps* leaving us to wait until some sort of a home release to hear lines in full without any interruption. I enjoyed the Chris Parnell-voiced doctor telling us all about alien probes and we had some humorous punchlines at the behest of Kevin Hart, Sean Hannity, and our corrupt legal system.

I’d like to see a little more variety in the broadcasts. Perhaps more shorts, editorialists, and the like could do this one good. Also, people have to work REALLY hard to make Will Forte not funny. If it were me, I’d give him an EP cred and ask him to write all of his own lines. Also, kudos to Bento Box producers who put a “little extra” into animating Drexx’s tentacles when the lead anchor’s in full view of the screen.  With a little more oil on this one, Alien News Desk could’ve lasted longer than two weeks in its original time slot.


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