Review: Adventure Time “Ring of Fire”

Life in the fast lane.


Treetrunks is contacted by one of her old flames, Randy, who wants his grandmother’s ring back.

Our Take:

This time, the spotlight is on Treetrunks, and her wild past. It’s always been hinted that Treetrunks had her fair share of adventures before she became a humble pie cook, and now we know that’s completely true. All of Treetrunks’ stories paint a picture of what she was like in the past: passionate, unwilling to be chained down, self-centered, always chasing freedom. She was a young girl having a good time. She even used to be a pirate, and a CEO! To say that she had some wild and crazy adventures is an understatement, and I wouldn’t have guessed her younger years were all like this.

She had three different lovers and left them all for different reasons. Randy was her high-school sweetheart, but his want for a traditional married life clashed with her dreams to see the world. Daniel was very physically attractive, but he was part of a plot to overthrow her, so she abandoned him. Wyatt had his own kind of charm, but what he really wanted was to be babied, and would lean on her too much for the help. None of them really fit what she wanted in life, not until Mr. Pig.

Mr. Pig feared that the call of her old adventures would take Treetrunks away, but Treetrunks admits that she’s happy with their life. While it’s not as interesting, it is stable, and she is very fond of the family that she’s built with Mr. Pig and Sweet P, and she’s unwilling to give that up. Her old adventures were fun, but she’s no longer the person she was back then, and she’s not going to go back.

Also, turns out Treetrunks is a nudist. What do you know?


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