Review: Adventure Time “Marcy and Hunson”

A dad who hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.


To finish constructing Finn’s new cursed sword, Peppermint Butler summons Hunson Abadeer from the Nightosphere. Instead of letting himself be banished, Hunson requests that he has some time to see Marceline.

Our Take:

Hunson is out of the Nightosphere again, but he’s less interested in causing trouble than he is in seeing Marceline. Just in case, Peppermint Butler binds him, which seals his transformative abilities.

This time around, Hunson doesn’t seem particularly malicious. He still tries to suck souls as usual, but he’s more interested in spending time with his daughter. Adventure Time has already made clear the moral disconnects between Marceline and her father, but now it’s also a bit of a lifestyle disconnect. Hunson wants to spend time with Marceline and supports her, but he doesn’t realize how his actions can be embarrassing. In the past, he ended up inadvertently destroying her house. He wants to film Marceline’s performance, but to do so he ends up blocking the view of a fair chunk of the audience. He’s trying to be supportive, but he doesn’t really know how to be. If anything, Hunson doesn’t really consider Marceline’s feelings and still operates on what he thinks she wants and likes, rather than what she actually likes.

When push comes to shove, he does stand up for Marceline. Among the guests at Marceline’s concert is Chicle, who intentionally riles up the audience in the hopes of harming Marceline. Vampires can’t stand up to ghosts, so they’re a perfect counter for Marceline’s powers. Even with his powers sealed, making him unable to defend himself, Hunson still stands up for Marceline. He ends up taking a beating from the rowdy ghosts as a result, but Marceline sees her father trying and respects that. It’s clear that Hunson’s morals will never completely align with his daughters’, but he cares about her enough to not want her concert disturbed. A weirdly doting dad, who just also eats souls.


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