Review: ‘A Prayer for Mr. T: The SuperMansion Thanksgiving Special’

Let’s feast!

Overview (Spoilers Below)

This very special holiday we get to see the heroes and villains spend turkey day together, but it all doesn’t go as planned. Groaner and Black Saturn try and fail miserably at visiting Saturn’s family, and both Lex and the animals are seen as kids table attendees only and not much else. Devizo is trying his best to make his Roided-up turkey the talk of the evening, however, it’s Rex’s turkey that nearly destroys the whole team had it not been for Marjory saving the day.

Our Take

With a cast of characters this big, I bet it gets really tough to figure out a plot for each of them, so you can tell the producers are trying hard to do just that by pairing characters together in droves. What ends up happening is a cluster of buddy comedies that smash at the end, but really offer no substance towards the climax, which, in this case, was the cream of the crop in terms of execution. The battle scene with all of the Turkey monsters is worth the price of admission all by itself as it had a very Tarantino-esque/Kill Bill-era feel to it that was exquisitely put together.

The problem this series really needs to address is the number of characters in this show. For example, Jennifer Tilly shows up for like a minute, and SHE’S the guest star. For my money, the size of the cast in the show’s second season was right on the money, but lately, we’ve just been adding names to the pile which makes the ancillary storylines somewhat formulaic and rushed, even if the main course is delicious as hell. This is one of those instances where less can definitely be more.


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