Overview (Spoilers Below)

“Here We Come” to the “Box of Worlds” where Industry has a thing or two to say to Rooster, most of which is John Mulaney-esque nonsense that ends with the loud mouth burning down the place with his eyes. As expected, Mouse/Aria/Eye all get out of the laser cage but not without one of the show’s most popular characters laying down his life in the line of duty. With Mouse now free, Melissa sends the inhabitants of Castellica aka Olaf and Elize, to save our hero.

Our Take



This is 12 oz Mouse so maybe we can get some reincarnation episodes next season, but that was a rather sullen scene that I will now need therapy for. In any event, Castellica, clearly a setting ripped right out of Metalocalypse, is here and it’s as ridiculous as it sounds and it features the principle characters from Swedish/Danish death metal act Amaranthe aka the band that does the theme song for this season of 12 oz Mouse. And similar to Metalocalypse famous members of a rock band are put into silly situations for our amusement with really no rhyme or reason which is perfectly fine by me.

Nice bounce back episode for 12 oz Mouse, I am thoroughly invested where this one goes and we may get the showdown we’re all ramping up for soon.

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