Overview (Spoilers Below)

The mouse gang reunites in full force to take on Industry Man and Shyd Industries. After battling a gross monster, we find out that we’ve had a spy in our midst this ENTIRE time!

Our Take

I’m purposely being vague with who the mole was because it made for a fantastic cliffhanger for more new episodes that I hope are coming sooner rather than later for Adult Swim. We’ll go into more depth on the season in our upcoming season review, but the finale episode of 12 oz Mouse has all the fixins for the classic episode, most of which is successfully pulled off. I would’ve liked a longer battle at the end, but the way it ends is great, and the plot twist as to who was behind these shenanigans is pretty damn delicious. Also, let’s talk about Elize laying down while driving the Castellica! AND THE SLAYER REFERENCE! (see if you can spot it!).

All in all, 12 oz Mouse wraps up it’s long-awaited third season in style, and new episodes can’t come soon enough (bring back Peanut Cop!)

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