Reddit AMA Recap: The Lucas Bros.


Last week, the Lucas Bros. stopped by Reddit to take part in a Reddit AMA sesh where we really didn’t get to hear a lot about the second season other than notes on how long it takes to produce episodes, but we really are starting to learn about how obsessed these guys are about pro-wrestling. Seriously, fans all over are asking the guys about their love of Bret Hart, Royal Rumble picks, and whether or not they like Sting in WWE (turns out…not a fan).

With an upbringing that includes the guys taking each others’ drivers tests, tons of backyard wrestling, and copious amounts of weed, it’s absolutely insane to think that these guys were at one point law school students, with both going to TCNJ for their undergrad and Keef heading off to Duke for Law and Kenny going to NYU Law. That’s right…THESE GUYS CAN SUE YOU! Instead they make awesome TV shows like Lucas Bros. Moving Company which airs Thursday Nights on FXX.

Read more of the Reddit AMA here, and check back in later today for preview stills of Thursday Night’s brand-new episode.



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