Ralph Brekan To Lead Cast Of New Animated Comedy “The High Life”

Ralph Brekan is starring and producing in a new animated comedy called The High Life. 

“The High Life ” is set to air weekly on the new Social Club TV channel, which distributes adult medical and recreational cannabis-related, content. Keeping in tune with the theme of the channel, Brekan’s new animated comedy follows the adventures of “Stevie Stoner.” (voiced by Brekan) Stevie lives the high life, 24 hours a day seven days a week. For Stevie, it’s 4:20 forever.  Brekan’s own studio, Artorama Studios is producing with Brent Onenuh “Rasta Ron” and Damion Graham “Reggae Mon” filling out the rest of the cast.

“The High Life”, which will be premiering on the Social Club TV channel later this month starting July 27th and will be available on streaming platforms such as Pluto TV/Viacom and Amazon Prime.