Puppet News: LMNOP Releases “First Time” Video ; Howard Stern’s “Alex Jones” ; Update On “The World’s Best”

Get a rundown for the latest in the live-action animators.

The World’s Best wrapped last night on CBS and for puppet performers, we got a mixed result! The Dundu act got into the top 12, but finished with a 65 score which is barely passing for the competition. Famed ventriloquist, Nina Conti, nearly took the field finishing in the top 4 against some very tough competition. Watch performances from both below:


For a little while now, The Howard Stern Show has been asking Alex Jones to drop by, most recently to interview Howard about his upcoming new book Howard Comes Again which is slated to hit stores May 19th.

Obviously, it’s not really Alex, but it further showcases Howard’s love for the puppet-medium which was on display last week as well. In this clip, “Alex” interviews Howard about his new book which of course becomes a shill for all of his “amazing” products.



Music group LMNOP released a music video for their track “First Time” and it features a puppet making love to a super cute girl that I wouldn’t have a chance yet. Maybe I should get surgery where I get filled with stuffing and see if that helps. Check it out:


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