Pull List Preview 7/31/19: Lion Forge ; Boom Studios ; IDW


Courtesy: IDW

Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds #3

“Samurai Jack and the Bear Trap”! SNAP! That’s the sound of a bear trap closing on the leg of Samurai Jack. As Jack tries to get free, hunters descend—but is he the only one they’re hunting?

Courtesy: Boom Studios

Steven Universe (2017-) #30

After a hard-won battle against a corrupted gem, the Crystal Gems must work with the residents of Beach City to repair the damage.

Courtesy: Lion Forge

Rick and Morty #52

In “The Mortian,” Morty’s crash-landed on a random planet, and he’s all by himself… just waiting for Rick to rescue him… when he runs into a race of cute alien creatures. How badly is he gonna screw this entire place up?

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