Phil Miller and Chris Lord ”We want more ‘Clone High”


Phil Miller and Chris Lord have been busy as of late due to the fact that they just produced the outstanding Lego Movie that is in theaters now, plus they just got a brand-new series picked up with Will Forte as the star for FOX. However, even with all of this, these guys have been getting BOMBARDED with Clone High questions, mostly about the hopeful return of the series. Their best interview that I have seen so far is with the excellent Grantland blog and their writer Zach Lowe. Evidently, the biggest problem is with Viacom’s willingness to produce more Clone High whether it’d be a second season or a full-blown feature film! That said, producers Phil Miller, Chris Lord, and Bill Lawrence all seem to still talk about bringing back the series in some way, with the main issue still being Viacom.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview that sounds very reassuring:

Lord: I hope you get us a second season. Our entire career has just been about …

Miller: … getting Clone High back on the air.

Lord: It’s all been a super-long pitch to Viacom to get it back on the air. I hope this article gets picked up a bunch of places. I hope people link to it. I hope people tweeter about it. I hope that you make our dreams come true.

So if you kids are keeping track at home that’s now ANOTHER confirmation that people involved with Clone High. So far we’ve got Will Forte and Donald Faison on the books…let’s get some more!

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