Parents Television Council Not Crazy About “Big Mouth” But Pornhub Users Want More

The PTC checks in with their latest show that they hate!

Religious right organizations continue to make silly decisions. Despite the fact that acts of terrorism, debauchery, and fascism are dotting today’s news networks the Parents Television Council found a way to binge the entire second season of Big Mouth on Netflix so as to find, what they deem, to be questionable content for teenagers and as such have sent out one of the most ridiculous email newsletters for a campaign fundraiser you’ll ever see. We decided to break down the newsletter for your convenience:

It’s never easy for young teens to deal with the physical and emotional changes that take place at puberty. They need plenty of guidance from their parents to make a healthy, responsible transition into adulthood. The last thing these vulnerable teens need is to be sexualized in incredibly sick and disturbing ways during this time of physical and emotional change!

That’s not even the best opener of the newsletter. The best opener goes to this disclaimer that they post on top of their newsletter which reads:

Warning: The following message includes graphic descriptions of television programming produced and distributed by Netflix, and which is being marketed to children. We apologize for including such explicit material in this email to you, but we feel it is important to communicate the extent of the harm that Netflix is knowingly inflicting on children. Please…
if your sensitivities would be violated.

For starters, I haven’t seen Big Mouth targeted towards children, not once. But the REAL killer is that last line…”if your sensitivities would be violated”. I didn’t realize there was a “Parents Email Newsletter Council” to report emails with explicit content to, but who knew?

But Netflix’s animated series Big Mouth does exactly that. This disgusting program follows the life of Andrew, a 7th grader going through puberty. He is shadowed by the “Hormone Monster” which has a flaccid penis for a nose and tells Andrew that if he wants him to go away, Andrew has to “go to the bathroom and climax into that thin toilet paper.” With characters using the f-word and human-sized penises playing basketball, Big Mouth might be the filthiest program ever produced for television.

Sometimes I never put 2+2 together, and I’m just now realizing that the Hormone monster has a penis for a nose! A rather hilarious find considering I’ve watched the show multiple times and never thought to think, “wow, that’s a penis for a nose”. Maybe someone at the PTC should be writing for us. Even better, the PTC has found a motive for the production of Big Mouth other than for profit and entertainment purposes:

There are only two possible motivations for Big Mouth’s writers: Either they want to put highly sexualized images of children in order to titillate an adult audience, or they are intentionally creating and marketing graphic, sexualized, pornographic content to kids. Neither is acceptable. Both are despicable.

Again, Big Mouth has never been marketed towards kids. Whenever advertised on regular television, it was usually in primetime, and the series is labeled as TV-MA on Netflix. By the way, the streaming service has an excellent filtering option for parents to make sure their kids do not watch content that isn’t kids-focused, so the fact that the PTC was able to notice a penis-nose and not the basic functionality of the world’s most popular streaming service. That said, not only does the Parents Television Council condemn the series, boy they have a bigger issue with the new Facebook game that was just released:

As if this weren’t bad enough, Netflix is partnering with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to deliver a new Facebook game called “Hand Masters: Play with Yourself.” The social media posts are promoting this “contest” using animated figures to suggest masturbation, including a video clip of an adolescent boy with his hands down his pants being encouraged by the Hormone Monster to masturbate.

Now, you might think, how does Big Mouth…a series that has seen traffic spikes on Pornhub as of late, would gain the ire of the Parents Television Council in the first place? Well, there’s a catch…the newsletter? It’s a fundraiser looking to raise $250,000!!! It’s all so clear now. Religious organizations like this only give a shit about your kids if they are profiting from you first. Whether it’s FOX News or your local church, these organizations are looking for cash…plain and simple. Don’t fall for it.

You SHOULD fall for the latest season of Big Mouth because it’s really good and you can read our season review for it here.

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